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A sequential test selection algorithm for fault isolation

A sequential test selection algorithm is proposed which updates the set of active test quantities depending on the present minimal candidates. By sequentially updating the set of active test quantities, computational time and memory usage can be reduced. If test quantities are generated on-line, a sequential test selection algorithm gives information about which test quantities that should be created. The test selection problem is defined as an optimization problem where a set of active test quantities is chosen such that the cost is minimized while the set fulfills a required minimum detectability and isolability performance. A quantitative diagnosability measure, distinguishability, is used to quantify diagnosability performance of test quantities. The proposed test selection algorithm is applied to a DC- circuit where the diagnosis algorithm generates residuals on-line. Experiments show that the sequential test selection algorithm can significantly reduce the number of active test quantities during a scenario and still be able to identify the true faults.

Daniel Eriksson, Erik Frisk and Mattias Krysander


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