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The Columbus module as a Technology Demonstrator for Innovative Failure Management

Over the past decades new Failure Management technologies have been investigated and were presented. With the experience of more than four years of successful operation of the Columbus Module, which is an integrated element of the International Space Station, we are now able to identify technologies which are of interest for the operators. Efficient employment of the resources is of high interest for all stakeholders. This fact becomes more important especially for long term missions. Resource management during operation is also a topic for the European Air Traffic (Euro Control) and Airport Control. Just recently the Collaborative Decision Making framework was implemented here to optimise the resource management. We found Collaborative Decision Making to be appropriate also for our purpose. Our paper describes the steps of analysing the tasks and the distribution of tasks, which need to be performed at the Control Centres. It also describes the necessary steps on investigating the overall efficiency, safety, and resilience of the Columbus Ground System. This includes all elements such as tasks, agents (human and machine), resources, and their dynamic interaction. Within this framework we are now able to deploy existing technologies that support the resource management. The technologies selected so far are the Data Mining for Anomaly Detection, Model Based Diagnosis, and Complex Event Processing. Deploying complementary techniques based on either predictive or field knowledge, we aim to compensate the drawbacks of one technique with the assets of the other. We are using the example of the Columbus air loop, and we are able to demonstrate that Failure Management, besides the fulfilment of the safety and reliability requirements, can also contribute to an efficient use of the resources. The technologies will be deployed into the existing Columbus Ground System using commercial and open source software such as Enterprise Service Bus (Asteria based on the Apache ServiceMix) and JBoss Enterprise Business Rule Management System (based on Drools/Fusion).

E. Noack, A. Luedtke, I. Schmitt, T. Noack, E. Schaumlöffel, E. Hauke, J. Stamminger and E. Frisk

Deutcher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress, 2012

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