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A Greedy Approach for Selection of Residual Generators

This paper considers the problem of selecting a set of residual generators, fulfilling requirements in terms of fault isolability and minimal cardinality, for inclusion in a model-based FDI-system. Two novel algorithms for solving the selection problem are proposed. The first one provides an exact solution fulfilling both requirements and is suitable for small problems. The second one, which is the main contribution and suitable for large problems, relaxes the minimal cardinality requirement and provides an approximate solution by means of a greedy heuristic. Both algorithms take the realizability properties of the considered residual generation method into account, but are general in the sense that they support any computerized residual generation method. In a case study the greedy algorithm is applied to the problem of finding a suitable set of residual generators for detection and isolation of faults in a complex truck diesel engine system. In this study a prior known sequential residual generation method is considered.

Carl Svärd, Mattias Nyberg and Erik Frisk

22nd International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis (DX-11), 2011

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