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Off-line robust residual selection using sensitivity analysis

Model-based approaches to fault detection and isolation (FDI) rely on accurate models of the plant and a sufficient number of reliable measurements for residual generation and analysis. However, in realistic situations, there can be uncertainties in the plant models and measurements, which have a negative impact on the diagnosability performance that depends on the system state. In other words, the impact of the uncertainties can be larger in some operating regions as compared to others. To achieve acceptable performance in practice, it is necessary to find a set of residuals that are sufficiently sensitive to faults but robust to uncertainties across all operating conditions. In this paper, a quantitative measure, called detectability ratio, is used to evaluate and quantify detectability performance of different residuals in different operating regions. This measure is used to find a minimal residual set that fulfills a set of desired diagnosability performance requirements. The proposed method is demonstrated and validated through a case study.

Hamed Khorasgani, Daniel Eriksson, Gautam Biswas, Erik Frisk and Mattias Krysander


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