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Lead-acid battery maintenance using multilayer perceptron models

Predictive maintenance of components has the potential to significantly reduce costs for maintenance and to reduce unexpected failures. Failure prognostics for heavy-duty truck lead-acid batteries is considered with a multilayer perceptron (MLP) predictive model. Data used in the study contains information about how approximately 46,000 vehicles have been operated starting from the delivery date until the date when they come to the workshop. The model estimates a reliability and lifetime probability function for a vehicle entering a workshop. First, this work demonstrates how heterogeneous data is handled, then the architectures of the MLP models are discussed. Main contributions are a battery maintenance planning method and predictive performance evaluation based on reliability and lifetime functions, a new model for reliability function when its true shape is unknown, the improved objective function for training MLP models, and handling of imbalanced data and comparison of performance of different neural network architectures. Evaluation shows significant improvements of the model compared to more simple, time-based maintenance plans.

Sergii Voronov, Erik Frisk and Mattias Krysander


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