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Diagnosis Analysis of Modelica Models

To leverage on model based engineering for fault diagnosis, it is useful to be able to do direct analysis of general purpose modelling languages for engineering systems. In this work, it is demonstrated how non-trivial Modelica models, for example utilizing the Modelica standard library, can be automatically transformed into a format where existing fault diagnosis analysis techniques are applicable. The procedure is demonstrated on a model of an air cooling system in the Gripen fighter aircraft developed by Saab, Sweden. It is discussed why the Modelica language is well suited for diagnosability analysis, and a number of non-trivial diagnosability analysis shows the efficacy of the approach. The methods extract the model structure, which gives additional insight into the system, e.g., highlighting model connections and possible model decompositions.

Mattias Krysander,  Frisk, Erik, Ingela Lind and Ylva Nilsson


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