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Modelling and Control of the AC-system in Heavy Duty Vehicles

Abstract The aim of this thesis is to investigate the Air Conditioning system in a heavy duty truck and to develop a control strategy for the case when low cooling capacity is needed from the AC-system. A model of the AC-system was developed in order for an efficient controller to be designed. The model was designed to comprise of all the basic behaviours that the AC- system has, rather than to be an exact model of the system. As the AC-system showed to be very complex, a number of limitations in the model had to be made. The AC-system has two temperature sensors and is actuated by turning the AC- compressor on or off. Two different control strategies were tested for the control of the AC-compressor. The first was to use a controller to directly control the compressor clutch and the second one utilised a pulswidth modulated control structure were the controller stated the pulswidth to be used. Both control structures were implemented in the computer model, the AC-rig and in a truck in a climate chamber. Both control strategies showed to fulfil the demands on the system in the somewhat idealistic circumstances during which they were tested.

Magnus Eriksson


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