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Simulation of Emission Related Faults on a Diesel Engine

Today's legislation on exhaust gas emissions for heavy duty diesel (HDD) vehicles is more stringent than ever and will be even more tough in the future. More over, in a few years HDD vehicles have to be equipped with OBD (On-Board Diagnostics). This place very high demands on the manufacturers to develop better engines and strategies for OBD. As an aid in the process models can be used. This thesis presents extensions of an existing diesel engine model in Matlab/Simulink to be able to simulate emissions during standardized european test cycles. Faults in the sensor and actuator signals are implemented into the model to find out if there is an increase or decrease in the emissions. This is used to create a fault tree where it can be seen why predefined emission thresholds are exceeded. The tree is an aid when developing OBD. The results from the simulations showed that almost no faults made the emissions cross the thresholds. The only interesting faults were faults in the ambient temperature sensor and the injection angle actuator. This means that the OBD-system only needs to monitor a few components which implies a smaller system and less work

Magnus Adolfsson


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