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Diagnostiksystem i gaffeltruckar

This is a final thesis done at BT, considering one of their forklift truck models called Reflex. The first part of this report is about a preliminary investigation investigating what kind of diagnostic systems BT wants to use, and also which demands there are to meet all expectations on such system. Secondly a diagnostic system, which will show if the drive wheel is worn out, will be presented. In the preliminary investigation, two kinds of diagnostic systems were mentioned. These were Model based diagnosis and Predictive analysis. Model based diagnosis is based on measurements made by sensors at the truck, while predictive analysis is based more on statistics and retrieved data about the lifetime of a truck in specific environments. The diagnosis system for the drive wheel is based on a model made in Matlab's Simulink. Due to poor documentation, rough simplifications in the model have been made. However, one can still see the differences of principle. The main thought was detecting a difference in the lowest torque level from the engine, varying the diameter of the drive wheel. By measurements made directly at the truck, different torques could be observed with varying diameter of the drive wheel, varying load on the truck and varying friction in the gearbox. Using hypothesis tests, it is possible to say whether the drive wheel is worn out or not. Results show that if the drive wheel diameter is reduced by 25 mm, torque is reduced by 7% and if the drive wheel diameter is reduced as much as 50 mm, a torque reduction of 11% would be achieved.

Magnus Björklund and Gun Persson


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