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Feldetektering för diagnos med differentialgeometriska metoder - en implementation i Mathematica

Diagnosis means detection and isolation of faults. A model based diagnosis system is built on a mathematical model of the system. The difficulty when constructing the diagnosis system depends om how the model is formulated. In this report, a method is described that rewrites the model on such a form that the construction of the diagnosis algoritm is easy. The model is transformed by two state space transformations and the result will be a system on state space form where one part of the system becomes easy to supervise. The main part of the report describes the procedure to create these transformations, which can be done in seven steps, based on differential geometric methods. The aim of this masters thesis was to create an implementation in Mathematica (a computer tool for symbolic formula manipulation) of the creation of the two transformations and the system transformation. The created functions are described and examples of these are given. A further aim was to evaluate if Mathematica could be a good support to rewrit a model. This was done by studying examples, and on the basis of the examples, identify difficult and easy steps. The program has shown to be a good aid. Two of the seven steps have been identified as difficult and proposals for improvements have been given.

Anna Önnergren


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