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Modeling of a Hydraulic Actuator System

This report treats a Master Thesis performed at Scania CV AB. The task was to create a computer model of a hydraulic actuator system in the software AVL Hydsim. The system consists of two spring-loaded masses with surrounding hydraulic components. The purpose of the model is to study phenomenon and problems in the system, as well as to be a support in the development of the system. It is not supposed to be used to study absolute values in its current form. The reason for this is that the system so far is to unspecified, which requires some approximations. When the system is finished, the model can serve as a good foundation for a more exact model. The only measurements used for calibration and validation are measurements of the velocity for the two masses. To be able to refine the model, additional measurements need to be performed in other parts of the system, in order to allow calibration in more than one place. The simulation results show that the model works with consideration to the above mentioned conditions. It also works as a proof of that the software can be used for these types of applications.

Fredrik Jansson


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