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Simulatin the G-forces of a rallycross track

The purpose of this thesis is to design a motion simulator for a rallycross racing environment. The focus on the design is how to mechanically create the G-forces and to model them. After that is done the visually seen motion has to be electronically implemented into the motion simulator, creating as realistic as possible an experience for the driver. A program called Aprot is written in National Instruments Labview to handle the communication between the software simulator and hardware signals. Alot of focus is paid on how to represent the much larger G-forces that are experienced on a real track in the limited capacity that a motion simulator allows. For this purpose several formulas are proposed, all of which have their benefits. The simulation environment used is Racer, a well documented racing simulation that is still in development by the creator Ruud van Gaal. Aprot continuously reads specific data from a file in Racer and uses the formulas to form them into reference values for mechanics. Aprot also has a PID-controller, so that the piston positioning can be optimized. The original plan of this master thesis was to use Aprot on a full-scale pneumatic or hydraulic prototype. However, due to time and money constraints, this was not done, leaving this work as a theoretical base on which to build upon.

Ville Grandin


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