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Testing degradation in a complex vehicle electrical system using Hardware-In-the-Loop

Functionality in the automotive industry is becoming more complex, withcomplex communication networks between control systems. Information isshared among many control systems and extensive testing ensures high quality. Degradations testing, that has the objective to test functionality with some faultpresent, is performed on single control systems, but is not frequently performed on the entire electrical system. There is a wish for testing degradation automatically on the complete electrical system in a so called Hardware-In-the-Loop laboratory. A technique is needed to perform these tests on a regular basis.Problems with testing degradation in complex communication systems will bedescribed. Methods and solutions to tackle these problems are suggested, thatfinally end up with two independent test strategies. One strategy is suited to test degradation on new functionality. The other strategy is to investigate effects in the entire electrical system. Both strategies have been implemented in a Hardware-In-the-Loop laboratory and evaluated.

Johannes Bergkvist


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