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Real-Time Calibration of the Steering Wheel Angle Sensor

A stationary or temporary offset in the steering system of a vehicle can result in functions, relying on the steering wheel angle, performing poorly. Due to the wide range of different vehicle configurations at Scania CV, all sensors with relevant information regarding vehicle direction are not available on all vehicles. By using a statistical approach, including common sensors installed on the vehicle, a conceptual algorithm calibrating the Steering Wheel Angle Sensor offset in real-time has been developed. The algorithm is simple and relies on the assumption that a vehicle is driving straight ahead most of the time above a certain minimum vehicle speed, thus the most frequent steering wheel angle is the straight ahead angle. The algorithm is only active above the certain minimum vehicle speed and consists of two moving windows comprising steering wheel angle samples in which the calculations are performed. The results show that the algorithm is able to detect offsets with a short calibration time. Storage of samples is required but no vehicle specific parameters are needed.

Nils Larsén


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