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A model of the temperatures in a truck cabin

Temperature variations in a truck cabin are rather slow and therefore timeconsuming to measure. Because of Scania’s great number of truck cabin models, much work, time and money is saved if a mathematical model can predict how the temperature characteristics of the cabins change with different sizes and materials. A model has been implemented in Matlab/Simulink. The model has a flexible structure and is rather detailed to make it adaptable to different cabin designs regarding materials and sizes. The output of the model is the cabin’s global air temperature. In addition to that there are a large number of temperatures and heat flows that can be displayed. The inputs to the model are the temperature and amount of air provided by the fan, the outdoor temperature, the heat and sun radiation incident on the cabin, the wind speed relative to the truck and the mass flow between the cabin air and the outdoor air caused by diffusion. The model can give a good view of how a real system would behave and is useful for e.g temperature regulator design and heat loss investigations. The model behaves like expected from a physical point of view. However the model’s simulation results do not correlate with the measurements as good as desired. The cause of this is likely that the measuments are incorrect. Futher verifications are needed with more accurate measurements.

Johan Andersson


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