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Prognostics of Electronic Systems through Power Supply Current Trends

As today's avionic systems highly rely on electronic components, the prognostic of electronic systems in the context of avionics has become crucial. This paper presents a prognostic method applicable to electronic components and systems based on the analysis of the power supply current. In this method, the focus is on trends in the measured power supply current of the device under prognostic process. The discussion in this paper reveals that there is a measurable relationship between the supply current and the remaining lifetime of the electronic devices. The presented methodology is supported by circuit simulations performed on a system consisting of reference circuitry. The prognostic method shows great promise due to the ability of being applicable at any prognostic level.

Timmy Sundström, Behzad Mesgarzadeh, Mattias Krysander, Markus Klein, Ingemar Söderquist, Anneli Crona, Torbjörn Fransson and Atila Alvandpour

IEEE Internatioanl Conference on Prognostics and Health Management, 2008

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