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Active Model-based diagnosis-applied on the JAS39 Gripen fuel pressurization system

Abstract Traditional diagnosis has been performed with hardware redundancy and limit checking. The development of more powerful computers have made a new kind of diagnosis possible. Todays computing power allows models of the system to be run in real time and thus making model based diagnosis possible. The objective with this thesis is to investigate the potential of model based diagnosis, especially when combined with active diagnosis. The diagnosis system has been applied on a model of the JAS39 Gripen fuel pressurization system. With the sensors available today no satisfying diagnosis system can be built. However, by adding a couple of sensors and using active model based diagnosis all faults can be detected and isolated into a group of at most three components. Since the diagnosis system in this thesis only had a model of the real system to be tested at this thesis is not directly applicable on the real system. What can be used is the diagnosis approach and the residuals and decision structure developed here. Acknowledgement This work has been carried out in cooperation with Saab AB. I would like to thank my supervisor at Saab AB, Martin Jareland, and my supervisor from LiTH, Marcus Klein, for all their guidance and support throughout this work. I would also like to thank my colleagues at GDGT for making me feel so welcome and for always taking the time for discussions and questions.

Ronny Olsson


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