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Dynamic Model Based Diagnosis for Combustion Engines in RODON

Diagnosis is the task of finding faults or malfunctioning components in a technical system, e.g a car. When doing diagnosis on cars with combustion engines, a computer program can be used. The computer program, also called diagnosis system, needs information about the car. This information could be data sheets of all the electronic components in the car. It could also be a description of how the engine behaves in a nominal and a non-nominal case. This information is contained in a model of the engine. RODON, a diagnostic tool developed by S¨orman Information and Media AB, uses models of systems for conflict detection diagnosis. RODON needs fault models of the components to do diagnosis. The diagnosis system is then used in workshops, factories, or other places where cars need to be surveyed. In this thesis, a Simulink model of the nominal behaviour of a combustion engine is given. The problem is how to make use of the model as well as the diagnostic tool RODON for combustion engine diagnosis. To solve this, the Simulink model is translated into a RODON model. Translating a Simulink model into a RODON model requires a new library in RODON. The library developed in this thesis is called AdvancedBlocks library. The Simulink model describes the nominal behaviour of a combustion engine but for diagnosis with RODON, fault models are needed as well. Several types of faults that can occur in an engine have been studied and fault models have been implemented in RODON. The conclusion is that diagnosis in RODON with a translated engine model is possible.

Joella Lundkvist and Stina Wahnström


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