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Controlled Start Transmission-Wet Clutch Temperature Modeling and Application

Controlled Start Transmissions (CST) can be described as a mechanical transmission combined with a wet clutch for controlled torque output. CST:s are commonly used to start up heavy loads for example mining conveyors. Several CST:s can work together to share the load. The transferred torque is controlled by a hydraulic wet clutch which is a proven technology for high torque transfer and low wear. This thesis is a part of a project to increase the knowledge and improve the CST design and control performance. The heat generation in the wet clutch is the focus of this thesis. Literature review shows that most research is done in order to get high accuracy for smaller clutches and most of the high torque engagements have very short transients. Models for the CST clutch heat generation together with thermal behavior have been developed and investigated. This includes a temperature model together with a kinetic model of the gearbox and a clutch torque model. Validation of separate model components and sensitivity analysis of the parameters are made. The developed model is then analyzed by comparing measurements from a commission site and simulations to get an idea of how much heat is generated.

Joel Martinsson


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