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Tillgänglighetsanalys för Gävle tågledningscentral

This diploma work deals with a reliability analysis of the train manouvring system which will be delivered to Banverket by Adtranz Signal. A model, in the shape of a fault tree, of the train manouvring system has been made. The analysis has been performed with the software RiskSpectrum. This work has also resulted in a method which Adtranz will be able to use in the future when designing systems. The software in the system has not been analysed. It is the hardware and handling mistakes that have been considered. The result of the analysis was that the reliability is good. If changes are to be made, it is serverparts, especially hard discs and networkparts, hubs and repeaters, that shall be improved. There are also parts which could deteriorate, if savings are made, without deterioration of the total reliability. This applies especially to the different parts at the operator sites, but also to switches, cooling fans, X.25-switches, communication cards, power supply units and power supply units to hubs. The handling mistakes that have any influence are those made by technicians.

Rolf Stankovic


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