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Course Information, Ph.D. Course in Motion Planning and Control, 6+3 hp


A course in motion planning and control is to be held at the Division of Vehicular Systems during the fall semester 2016. The course is open for all Ph.D. students and will cover both fundamental algorithms and state-of-the-art methods for motion planning and control. A significant part of the course will be dedicated to implementation of a number of selected algorithms and subsequent applications on small examples. The course relates to research within several ongoing projects, such as WASP Automated Transport Systems, ELLIIT, and iQMatic.


In the course, there will be approximately one meeting per week. For each meeting in the course, one participant will be assigned in advance to prepare a short lecture (approximately 30 minutes) based on the reading material that has been studied by all course participants during that week. The assigned participant is also expected to, together with the course responsible, lead a joint discussion in the group on the material after the lecture. During this discussion, both the algorithms themselves and other related aspects that have appeared when implementing them are covered.


In connection with each meeting, two hand-in assignments will be requested. The assignments should be submitted to the course responsible prior to each course occasion, since the exercises will be discussed during the meeting.


The course will be divided into two parts. The first part will cover fundamentals of motion planning and will give 6 hp. The second part will focus on more advanced aspects of motion planning and control and will also comprise a project part where the participant performs a slightly larger theoretical or experimental evaluation of a method of his/her choice, preferably related to his/her own research field. The project could, for instance, be based on the Open Motion Planning Library (OMPL) or the Robot Operating System (ROS). The second part of the course will give 3 hp.


The first part of the course will be based on Chapters 1-8 in the book
  • LaValle, S. M., Planning Algorithms, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 2006.
The book is available for free download at the homepage of the author: The second part will be based on Chapters 13-15 in the same book, but will be complemented with additional articles and book chapters.


In order to receive course credits, the participant is required to:
  • Attend the weekly meetings.
  • Submit the hand-in assignments (primarily implementation code or scripts with comments, no extensive written reports required).
  • Prepare one, or at most two, lectures during the course.
  • For the second part of the course, a completed mini project, an oral project presentation at a seminar, and a short written report are also required.

Course Plan

Part I (6 hp)

Time Content Literature Assignments Slides Responsible Location
Sep. 2, 10-12 Introduction to Motion Planning and Control Chapters 1-2 in LaValle. [Link] [Link], [Link] Björn Olofsson and Erik Frisk Transformen
Sep. 9, 10-12 Fundamantal Concepts in Motion Planning Chapters 3-4 in LaValle. [Link] [Link], [Link] Pavel Anistratov Algoritmen
Sep. 16, 10-12 Sampling-Based Methods in Motion Planning Chapter 5 in LaValle. [Link] [Link], [Link] Oskar Ljungqvist Algoritmen
Sep. 23, 10-12 Combinatorial Motion Planning Chapter 6 in LaValle. [Link] [Link], [Link] Per Boström Algoritmen
Oct. 7, 10-12 Additional Topics in Motion Planning Chapter 7 in LaValle. [Link] [Link], [Link] Mahdi Morsali Algoritmen
Oct. 14, 10-12 Introduction to Motion Planning and Feedback Control Chapter 8 in LaValle. [Link] [Link], [Link] Isak Nielsen Algoritmen

Part II (3 hp)

Time Content Literature Assignments Slides Responsible Location
Oct. 26, 15.30-17 Differential Models and Constraints Chapter 13 in LaValle. [Link] [Link], [Link] Fatemeh Mohseni Algoritmen
Nov. 4, 10-12 Sampling-Based Motion Planning with Differential Constraints Chapter 14 in LaValle. [Link] [Link], [Link] Victor Fors Algoritmen
Nov. 11, 10-12 Additional Topics in Motion Planning and Control Chapter 15 in LaValle. [Link] [Link], [Link] Kristoffer Bergman Algoritmen
Dec. 9, 13-15 Project Presentations and Discussions - - - Björn Olofsson and Erik Frisk Algoritmen

Course Responsible

Responsible for the course is Björn Olofsson (bjorn.olofsson@liu.se) and Erik Frisk (frisk@isy.liu.se) at the Division of Vehicular Systems, Department of Electrical Engineering, Linköping University.

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