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Hand in assignment 2


  • The EUDC_DDP and City_DDP drivecycles can be downloaded here.
  • The Matlab scripts mentioned in the assignment are zipped.
  • The tasks to be solved during the lesson on 14th of April are found here, and the lesson slides are available here.


  • Which parallel hybrid configuration is supposed to be used in the first task?
    You are expected to model the full parallel hybrid concept.
  • What range in the state of charge of the batteries are allowed?
    Depending on what battery type that is used, the life time of the batteries might be shortened if they are deep depleted. Though in this task this is not considered and you are free to use all energy stored in the battery. Please note that depending on your solution, it might not be necessary for the grid of the SoC to span the entire range of possible values.

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