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Driving Cycle Adaption and Design Based on Mean Tractive Force

Driving cycles are used for certification, for comparison of vehicles, and to an increasing extent as an engineering tool in vehicle design. A situation with only a few fixed driving cycles to use would then lead to the risk that a test or design would be tailored to details in the driving cycle instead of being representative. Due to this, and due to the increased use in the development process, there is now a strong need for methods to achieve representative driving cycles that in a wide sense are similar but not the same. To approach this problem area, we define equivalence between driving cycles based on mean tractive force, and develop algorithms and methods for equivalence-modification and equivalence-transformation of driving cycles. There are a number of applications for these methods but one example that is demonstrated is to transform the well-known FTP75 into an equivalent NEDC, and the other way around, to transform the NEDC into an equivalent FTP75.

Peter Nyberg, Erik Frisk and Lars Nielsen


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