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Diagnostic Method Combining Look-up Tables and Fault Models Applied on a Hybrid Electric Vehicle

A common situation in industry is to store measurements for different operating points in the lookup tables, often called maps. They are used in many tasks, e.g., in control and estimation, and therefore considerable investments in engineering time are spent in measuring them which usually make them accurate descriptions of the fault-free system. They are thus well suited for fault detection, but, however, such a model cannot give fault isolation since only the fault free behavior is modeled. One way to handle this situation would be also to map all fault cases but that would require measurements for all faulty cases, which would be costly if at all possible. Instead, the main contribution here is a method to combine the lookup model with analytical fault models. This makes good use of all modeling efforts of the lookup model for the fault-free case, and combines it with fault models with reasonable modeling and calibration efforts, thus decreasing the engineering effort in the diagnosis design. The approach is exemplified by designing a diagnosis system monitoring the power electronics and the electric machine in a hybrid electric vehicle. An extensive simulation study clearly shows that the approach achieves both good fault detectability and isolability performance. A main point is that this is achieved without the need for neither measurements of a faulty system nor detailed physical modeling, thus saving considerable amounts of development time.

Christofer Sundström, Erik Frisk and Lars Nielsen

IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 2016

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