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Residual Generator Selection for Fault Diagnosis of Hybrid Vehicle Powertrains

The performance of a model based diagnosis system is affected by the selection of consistency relation in a set of equations with analytical redundancy in a non-linear system. To investigate aspects due to this, two diagnosis systems of a parallel hybrid truck are designed, and both static and dynamic issues are considered. A simplified vehicle model is used to exemplify how a unique expression for the residual generator can be found for one selection of consistency relation, but not for others, using the same set of equations. A simulation study using the entire vehicle model is made to investigate how the performance in the diagnosis system is affected when dynamic equations are either differentiated or integrated. The diagnosis systems are designed using structural analysis in combination with the algebraic expressions. One key result is that it is not trivial to find a computational order by hand that fulfills the predefined conditions on the computational sequence, and therefore systematic methods are valuable.

Christofer Sundström, Erik Frisk and Lars Nielsen


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