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Model Based Diagnosis of Leaks in the Air-Intake System of an SI-Engine

One important area of SI-engine diagnosis is the diagnosis of leakage in the air-intake system. This is because a leakage can cause increased emissions and drivability problems. A method for accurately detecting leaks is presented. The results are developed for a turbo-charged engine but they are also valid for a naturally aspirated SI-engine. The method is based on a physical model of the leaks and includes an estimation of leakage area. By knowing the area, it is possible to reconfigure the control algorithm such that, the effect of the leak on emissions, is suppressed. As small leaks as 2 mm in diameter can be detected and it is possible to distinguish between leakages before or after the throttle. The method is suitable for on-line implementation.

Mattias Nyberg and Andrej Perkovic

SAE Paper, 1998

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