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Evaluation of Test Quantities for Leakage Diagnosis in the Air Path of an Automotive Engine

Two different methods for diagnosing leakage in the air-path of an automotive engine are investigated. The first is based on a comparison between measured and estimated air flows. The second is based on an estimation of the leakage area. The two methods are compared by using a framework of hypothesis testing and especially the power function. The investigation is made first in theory and then also on a real engine. The conclusion is that the principle based on the estimated leakage area, gives a better power function and is therefore the best choice if only leakage detection is considered. However, if also other faults need to be diagnosed, it is shown that the sensitivity to these other faults may be better with the principle based on comparison of estimated and measured air flow.

Mattias Nyberg

IFAC Fault Detection, Supervision and Safety for Technical Processes, 2000

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