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Diagnosability Analysis Considering Causal Interpretations for Differential Constraints

This paper is focused on structural approaches to study diagnosability properties given a system model taking into account, both simultaneously or separately, integral and differential causal interpretations for differential constraints. We develop a model characterization and corresponding algorithms, for studying system diagnosability using a structural decomposition that avoids generating the full set of system analytical redundancy relations. Simultaneous application of integral and differential causal interpretations for differential constraints results in a mixed causality interpretation for the system. The added power of mixed causality is demonstrated using a Reverse Osmosis Subsystem from the Advanced Water Recovery System developed at the NASA Johnson Space Center. Finally, we summarize our work and provide a discussion of the advantages of mixed causality over just derivative or just integral causality

Erik Frisk, Anibal Bregon, Jan Åslund, Mattias Krysander, Belarmino Pulido and Gautam Biswas

IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics -- Part A: Systems and Humans, 2012

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