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Simulation of a Turbo Charged Spark Ignited Engine

Simulation of a Turbo Charged Spark Ignited Engine Fredrik Pettersson LiTH-ISY-EX-3010 Linköping Institute of Technology Abstract Computer simulation has become an important part of the development of new automotive engines. A model of the engine which can be simulated online may be used for model based control and diagnosis. An effective control system and reliable diagnosis can lower both fuel consumption and emissions. Measurements made on a SAAB 2.3 litres turbo charged spark ignited engine are the base of the simulation model. To enable physical modeling, the engine is divided into subsystems. The pressures in the subsystems and the angular speed of the turbine shaft are central properties that are modeled dynamically. In addition to these models, static models of e.g. temperatures and mass flow are developed. A combination of physical modeling and black box modeling has been used to establish the models of the subsystems. The equations of every subsystem are implemented as blocks in Simulink and the blocks are then connected to obtain a complete simulation model. The results from the simulations are compared with data from the measurements. The dynamic models agree well with measured data. The static models do also give acceptable results in most cases, but some of them have to be developed further to make the model useful for predictive purposes. Some suggestions for further development and interesting applications of the model are also given.

Fredrik Pettersson


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