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Modelling the Intake Manifold Dynamics in a Diesel Engine

The goal is to model the intake manifold dynamics in a turbocharged diesel engine. Pressure and temperature are the central properties that are modeled and all models are physically based. The models are implemented and simulated in Simulink as part of a model representing a complete engine, namely the Mercedes-Benz OM611, a 2.2 liter four cylinder turbocharged diesel engine. A research car with this engine and an extensive measurement system is used to collect measurements needed for validation of the intake manifold models. Three intake manifold models are presented and validated. All of them agree well with measurement data under the condition that exhaust gas recirculation is not active. When it is active however errors occurs, this is thought to be because of erroneous modelling of the EGR system. Intake manifold models can be used for control and diagnosis purposes. This has become very important in recent years since tough legislations about lowering exhaust emissions, and detecting various faults has been made.

Fredrik Karlsson


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