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Identification and Improvements of an Automotive Diesel Engine Model purposed for Model Based Diagnosis

The objective in this thesis is to improve a previously developed model for an automotive diesel engine equipped with EGR and VNT. The engine is the Mercedes-Benz OM611, 2.2 liter four cylinder turbocharged diesel engine. The engine is fitted in a research car along with a measurement system and measurements with this system are used both for modeling and validation. The valve of the EGR system was changed and the main task was to make a model for the new valve. But the performance of an EGR system model is dependent of the overall performance of the engine model. Therefore the entire engine model will be considered, attempting to make improvements in different subsystems. Finally the model of the EGR system will be added to this. The results show that the final model agree well with measurement data and it is shown that the main errors are caused by the models of exhaust manifold and turbo. The model is purposed to be used in a model based diagnostics system. The resulting model is therefore tested in a simple diagnostics system for intake manifold leakage. The results show that the model allows for detection of a 4 $mm$ diameter hole in the intake manifold.

Sven Öberg


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