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Modelling of the Exhaust Gas Temperature for Diesel Engines

Models for the exhaust gas temperature are developed and validated for a turbo charged diesel engine. The area of use for the models are on-board diagnostics or model-based control. Data, for model building and validation, comes from measurements on a Scania turbo charged diesel engine equipped with variable geometry turbine and exhaust gas recirculation. Different models are validated and an extension of the ideal Seliger cycle is suggested as the model of choice. With access to fuel and gas mass flows, inlet temperature and inlet and outlet pressures, the Seliger cycle model estimates the exhaust gas temperature. Static validations are made with exhaust gas temperatures between 550 K and 950 K, at constant engine speed. Under these conditions the Seliger cycle model, with parameters fitted to engine data, show a maximum relative error of 2%. Without any parameter fitting to engine data, the maximum relative error is 5%.

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