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Modelling of Volumetric Efficiency on a Diesel Engine with Variable Geometry Turbine

The objectives for this master's thesis are to develop a model of volumetric efficiency for a diesel engine equipped with a Variable Geometry Turbine, study other existing models and test the models using real engine measurements. In this work measurements from two different Scania diesel engines have been used to identify the parameters in the models and also to validate the models. Two models have partly been derived in this thesis and two other existing models are presented. The four described models and a fifth model have been implemented in Matlab and tested. Measurements have been used for identifying the parameters in the models and for validation. Among the five validated models of volumetric efficiency, one model called the Overlap and Residual Gas Model (ORM) is suggested. The model shows very good results in the simulation and the validation. Often the absolute model errors are in the same order as the resolution in the equipment used to measure volumetric efficiency in the engine lab. The suggested model has captured the physical behavior of an engine equipped with Variable Geometry Turbine, which no other model studied have done.

Håkan Bengtsson


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