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An Investigation of Maximum Brake Torque Timing based on Ionization Current Feedback

Abstract For every operating condition of an internal combustion engine there exists an optimal spark timing, called maximum brake torque (MBT), which maximises the output torque and the efficiency of the engine. Traditionally MBT timing is implemented as an open-loop control where the ignition timing is found by using a combination of static lookup tables and sensor information. With a direct closed-loop control from the combustion process the performance of internal combustion engines could be improved. The thesis investigates if it is possible to estimate the MBT timing from the ionization current for every operating condition of a spark ignited engine where the operating conditions are defined by the engine parameters lambda, internal exhaust gas recirculation, engine load, engine speed and spark advance. First an investigation of how much loss of torque an error from the MBT position corresponds to is made. Then the influence of the engine parameters on the shape of the ionization current was studied. Last different peak pressure position (PPP) estimating algorithms are presented and a new technique is developed where an engine operating point dependant part of the ionization current is used depending on the current operating condition of the engine. Two of the presented PPP estimating algorithms are then complemented with this technique and the results look promising.

Janek Magnusson


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