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Driveline Observer for an Automated Manual Gearbox

The Automated Manual Transmission system Opticruise is dependent on signals from sensors located in different parts of the Scania trucks. These signals are of different qualities and have different update frequencies. Some signals and quantities that are hard or impossible to measure are also of importance to this system. In this thesis a driveline observer for the purpose of signal improvement is developed and estimations of unknown quantities such as road incline and mass of the vehicle are performed. The outputs of the observer are produced at a rate of 100 Hz, and include in addition to the mass and road incline also the speed of the engine, output shaft of the gearbox, wheel and the torsion in the driveline. Further the use of an accelerometer and the advantages gained from using it in the observer are investigated. The outputs show an increased quality and much of the measurement noise is successfully removed without introducing any time delays. A simulation frequency of 100 Hz is possible, but some dependency toward the stiffness of the driveline is found. The observer manages to estimate the road slope accurately. With the use of an accelerometer the road slope estimation is further improved and a quickly converging mass estimation is obtained.

Peter Juhlin-Dannfelt and Johan Stridkvist


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