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Development of Methods for Automatic Design of Residual Generators

Legislation requires substantially lowered emissions and that all trucks manufactured are equipped with an On-Board Diagnosis (OBD) system. One approach for designing an OBD system is to use model based diagnosis and residual generation. At Scania CV AB, a method for automatic design of a diagnosis system from a model has been developed but there are still possibilities for improvements to get more and better residual generators. The main objective of this thesis is to analyze and improve the existing method. A theoretic outline of two methods using different causality assumptions is presented and the differences are analyzed and discussed. Stability of residual generators is analyzed and a method for constructing stable residual generators and its consequences for the diagnosis system is presented. Methods using integral and derivative causality are found not to be equivalent for all dynamic systems, resulting in that a diagnosis system utilizing both methods would be preferred for detectability reasons. A stable residual generator can be constructed from an unstable residual generator. The method for stabilizing a residual generator affects the fault sensitivity of the residual generator and the fault detectability properties of the diagnosis system.

Carl Svärd and Henrik Wassén


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