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Diesel Combustion Modeling and Simulation for Torque Estimation and Parameter Optimization

Abstract The current interest regarding how to stop the global warming has put focus on the automobile industry and forced them to produce vehicles/engines that are more environmental friendly. This has led to the development of increasingly complex controlsystem of the engines. The introduction of common-rail systems in regular automotives increased the demand of physical models that in an accurate way can describe the complex cycle within the combustion chamber. With these models implemented it is possible to test new strategies on engine steering in a cost- and time efficient way. The main purpose with this report is to, build our own model based on the existing theoretical models in diesel engine combustion. The model has then been evaluated in a simulation environment using Matlab/Simulink. The model that has been implemented is a multi-zone type and is able to handle multiple injections. The model that this thesis results in can in a good way predict both pressure and torque generated in the cylinder. More investigation in how the parameter settings behave in other work-points must be done to enhance the models accuracy. There is also some work left to do in the validation of the model but to make this possible more experimental data must be accessible.

Fredrik Jones and Christoffer Jezek


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