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Simulation and Analysis of a Continously Variable Cam Phasing Engine

Abstract The development of fuel efficient internal combustion engines (ICE) have resulted in a variety of different solutions. One of those are the variable valve timing and an implemenation of such is the Continuously Variable Cam Phasing (CVCP). This thesis have used a simulation package, psPack, for the simulation of the gas exchange process for an ICE with CVCP. The purpose of the simulations was to investigate what kind of design parameters, e.g. the length of an intake pipe or the duration of combustion, that were significant for the gas exchange process with the alternation of intake pressure, engine speed and valve setting. The parameters that showed a vast impact were those who affected the amount of residual gas and the temperature of the air charge. Furthermore a validation was made between simulation data acquired from psPack and measured data provided in Heywood (1988). The validation showed that for the general behaviour the simulation results from psPack corresponded well to the measured data.

Pär Hammarlund


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