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Tuning and Validation of an MVEM for a Turbocharged Gasoline Engine

One of the tools that is used when developing an engine control system is the Mean Value Engine Model (MVEM). The thesis examines the possibility of using an MVEM that originally was designed to model a SAAB B235R engine to model the considerably different GM Ecotec LNF engine. Engine data was measured at Vehicular Systems laboratory and the measurements were then used to tune the parameters of the MVEM's submodels. The majority of the components in the original MVEM could be tuned to a good or acceptable performance without any modifications. The submodels describing the port air mass flow, compressor air mass flow and turbine efficiency would all benefit from being modified or replaced, this was however only done for the turbine efficiency model, leaving the improvements of the remaining two submodels as future work.

Stefan Tuvesson


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