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Black-Box Modeling of the Air Mass-Flow Through the Compressor in A Scania Diesel Engine

Stricter emission legislation for heavy trucks in combination with the customers demand on low fuel consumption has resulted in intensive technical development of engines and their control systems. To control all these new solutions it is desirable to have reliable models for important control variables. One of them is the air mass-flow, which is important when controlling the amount of recirculated exhaust gases in the EGR system and to make sure that the air to fuel ratio is correct in the cylinders. The purpose with this thesis was to use system identification theory to develop a model for the air mass-flow through the compressor. First linear black-box models were developed without any knowledge of the physics behind. The collected data was preprocessed to work in the modeling procedure and then models with one or more inputs where built according to the ARX model structure. To further improve the models performance, non-linear regressors was devel- oped from physical relations for the air mass-flow and used to form grey-box models of the air mass-flow. In conclusion, the performance was evaluated through comparing the estimated air mass-flow from the best model with the estimate that an extended Kalman filter together with a physical model produced.

Oskar Törnqvist


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