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Implementing and studying the effects of a roll stability system in heavy vehicles using a moving simulator

This thesis presents the making and the implementation of a roll stability system for a simulator truck. The purpose of the system is to prevent rollover. The making of the system consists of three parts; calculating the roll angle, calculating a rollover index and constructing the control system. The roll angle was calculated using a one degree of freedom model of the truck with the measured lateral acceleration as input signal. Using the roll angle and the roll rate, a rollover index was calculated. The controller made the truck brake to avoid the impending rollover when the rollover index was at a critical point. The benefits of the system were measured by conducting a study in which test persons drove the simulator truck both with the stability system switched on and switched off. The scenario in the study was carefully constructed so that it would test the system thoroughly. The results were not unambiguous, in some situations the roll stability system prevented roll over, but in others it had the opposite effect.

Ulrika Pettersson


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