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Ride Quality and Drivability of a Typical Passenger Car subject to Engine/Driveline and Road Non-uniformities Excitations

The aim of this work is to evaluate ride quality of a typical passenger car. This requires both identifying the excitation resources, which result to undesired noise inside the vehicle, and studying human reaction t applied vibration. Driveline linear torsional vibration will be modelled by a 14-degress of freedom system while engine cylinder pressure torques are considered as an input force for the structure. The results show good agreement with the corresponding reference output responses which proves the accuracy of the numerical approach fourth order Runge-kutta. An eighteen-degree of freedom model is then used to investigate coupled motion of driveline and the tire/suspension assembly in order to attain vehicle body longitudinal acceleration subject to engine excitations. Road surface irregularities is simulated as a stationary random process and further vertical acceleration of the vehicle body will be obtained by considering the well-known quarter-car model including suspension/tire mechanisms and road input force. Finally, ISO diagrams are utilized to compare RMS vertical and lateral accelerations of the car body with the fatigue-decreased proficiency boundaries and to determine harmful frequency regions. According to the results, passive suspension system is not functional enough since its behaviour depends on frequency content of the input and it provides good isolation only when the car is subjected to a high frequency excitation. Although longitudinal RMS acceleration of the vehicle body due to engine force is not too significant, driveline torsional vibration itself has to be studied in order to avoid any dangerous damages for each component by recognizing resonance frequencies of the system. The report will come to an end by explaining different issues which are not investigated in this thesis and may be considered as future works.

Neda Nickmehr


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