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Development of a Collision Avoidance Truck System from a Functional Safty Perspective

ISO 26262 is a functional safety standard under development at the time of this thesis. It is an adaptation of the functional safety standard IEC 61508, aimed at development of automotive electrical/electronic systems. The version of ISO-26262 that was used and discussed in this thesis is the ?nal draft released in January 2011. In this thesis, a subset of ISO-26262 is applied in the development of a safety critical driver assistance system for a Scania vehicle. The parts of ISO-26262 that are treated are Part 3: Concept phase, Part 4: Product development at the system level and Part 5: Product development at the hardware level. Throughout the thesis we evaluate ISO-26262 and report our experience of working with it. The driver assistance system under development, which ISO-26262 is applied to, is Collision Avoidance by Steering, a system that aims to avoid or mitigate rear-end collisions with vehicles in front by automatic steering of the vehicle.

Petter Gradin and Victor Ortman


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