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Electric Motors for Vehicle Propulsion

This work is intended to contribute with knowledge to the area of electic motors for propulsion in the vehicle industry. This is done by first studying the different electric motors available, the motors suitable for vehicle propulsion are then di- vided into four different types to be studied separately. These four types are the direct current, induction, permanent magnet and switched reluctance motors. The design and construction are then studied to understand how the different types differ from each other and which differences that are of importance when it comes to vehicle propulsion. Since the amount of available data about different electric motors turned out to be small a tool was developed to use for collecting data from the sources available which can be for instance product sheets or articles with in- formation about electric motors. This tool was then used to collect data that was used to create models for the different motor types. The created motor models for each motor type could then be used for simulating vehicles to investigate how the specific motor is suited for different vehicles and applications. The work also con- tains a summary of different electric motor comparison studies which makes it a good source of information during motor type selection in the process of designing an electric vehicle.

Martin Larsson


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