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Drivetrain Modelling and Clutch Temperature Estimation in Heavy Duty Trucks

An existing drivetrain model with clutch temperature dynamics has been used to simulate the behaviour of a heavy duty truck. During the implementation of the model in MATLAB/Simulink modularity and simplicity was greatly emphasized. This was done in order to facilitate the use of the model in various applications as well as making it easy to understand. The main contributions of the thesis is however the adaptation of a clutch temperature and wear observer for use in an on-line application in the gearbox management system (GMS). The process of taking the observer from an off-line simulation environment to running on-line includes taking into consideration the configuration and limitations of the GMS as well as adapting the interface of the observer. Concretely this means dealing with the limitations of the available data types in the GMS, compensating for the effect of biased measurements as well as accounting for the different dynamics of the sensor-types used in the clutch. In a simulation environment the performance of the adapted observer has been studied and its ability to compensate for heat expansion and wear in the clutch shown.

Johan Thornblad


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