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Steering System Verification Using Hardware-in-the-Loop

In order for leading industrial companies to remain competitive, the process of product developement constantly needs to improve. In order to shorten development time -- that is the time from idea to product -- simulations of products in-house is becoming a popular method. This method saves money and time since expensive prototypes become unnecessary. Today the calibration of steering gears is done in test vehicles by experienced test drivers. This is a time consuming process that is very costly because of expensive test vehicles. This report investigates possibilities and difficulties with transfering the calibrations from field to rig. A steering rig has been integrated with a car simulation program. Comparisons between simulation in the loop (SIL) and hardware in the loop (HIL) have been made and differences between different configurations of steering gears have been evaluated. An automatic process including calibration of parameters, testing and analysis of the test results has been implemented. The work laid the foundation of calibration of steering parameters and showed correlation between calibration parameters and objective metrics.

Salko Bjelevac and Peter Karlsson


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