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Modeling of Battery Degradation in Electrified Vehicles

This thesis provides an insight into battery modeling in electric vehicles which includes degradation mechanisms as in automotive operation in electric vehicles. As electric vehicles with lithium ion batteries increase in popularity there is an increased need to study and model the capacity losses in such batteries. If there is a good understanding of the phenomena involved and an ability to predict these losses there is also a foundation to take measures to minimize these losses. In this thesis a battery model for lithium ion batteries which includes heat dissipation is used as groundwork. This model is expanded with the addition of capacity losses due to usage as well as storage. By combining this with a simple vehicle model one can use these models to achieve an understanding as to how a battery or pack of several batteries would behave in a specific driving scenario. Much of the focus in the thesis is put into comparing the di↵erent factors of degradation to highlight what the major contributors are. The conclusion is drawn that heat is the main cause for degradation for batteries in electric vehicles. This applies for driving usage as well as during storage. As heat is generated when a battery is used, the level of current is also a factor, as well as in which state of charge region the battery is used.

Olof Juhlin


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