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Cylinder Individual Lambda Feedback Control in an SI Engine

Abstract: In order to meet future standards regarding exhaust pollutants from SI engines, precise control of the air fuel ratio is essential. To enable usage of fuel injectors with less accuracy and to compensate for differences between cylinders due to wear, a cylinder individual control of lambda is needed. In this thesis we develop a non model based multi sensor controller to accomplish the above mentioned tasks. The presented controller uses an absolute measurement of lambda at the confluence point and relative cylinder individual lambda measurements. This is done to prepare for an exchange to cylinder individual lambdas provided by an ionization current algorithm, that is being developed at Mecel AB. The results are promising and the controller performance, including speed and accuracy, is superior to the conventional lambda controller also described in the thesis. Key Word: conventional lambda control, cylinder individual, multi sensor lambda control.

Patrik Berggren and Andrej Perkovic


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