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Vehicle Dynamics Platform, Experiments, and Modeling Aiming at Critical Maneuver Handling

For future advanced active safety systems, in road-vehicle applications, there will arise possibilities for enhanced vehicle control systems, due to refinements in, e.g., situation awareness systems. To fully utilize this, more extensive knowledge is required regarding the characteristics and dynamics of vehicle models employed in these systems. Motivated by this, an evaluative study for the lateral dynamics is performed, considering vehicle models of more simple structure. For this purpose, a platform for vehicle dynamics studies has been developed. Experimental data, gathered with this testbed, is then used for model parametrization, succeeded by evaluation for an evasive maneuver. The considered model configurations are based on the single-track model, with different additional attributes, such as tire-force saturation, tire-force lag, and roll dynamics. The results indicate that even a basic model, such as the single-track with tire-force saturation, can describe the lateral dy- namics surprisingly well for this critical maneuver.

Kristoffer Lundahl, Jan Åslund and Lars Nielsen


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