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A Matlab tool for fault isolability analysis


This package has been superseeded by FaultDiagnosisToolbox. It is strongly recommended to use that software instead.

Download: Latest version of CausalIsolability [zip](2010-09-13)

CausalIsolability is a Matlab implementation of algorithms to perform isolability analysis of structural models, taking into account causal interpretation of dynamic constraints. The software is mada available for research purposes.

CausalIsolability is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

If you use this software in research or otherwise, please cite the latest publication regarding this topic from. A list of our publications is available at http://www.fs.isy.liu.se/Publications/. The paper to cite is, at the moment:

Diagnosability Analysis Considering Causal Interpretations for Differential Constraints, Erik Frisk, Anibal Bregon, Jan Åslund, Mattias Krysander, Belarmino Pulido, and Gautam Biswas. In proceedings of DX'10 - International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis, Portland, USA, 2010.

If you have comments, bug reports or other concerns the authors may be contacted at the following email address: Erik Frisk (frisk@isy.liu.se)

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